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Building While Flying

Sep 9, 2021

Not everyone can say they co-founded and built a brand while navigating business school. This week’s Building While Flying guest did just that—and this is only the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey.

Libie Motchan co-founded Fulton with her business school classmate Daniel Nelson, after they bonded over shared foot pain and a lack of a reasonable solution for it. Between their classes and homework, they researched materials, found their production partner (in Portugal, no less), began building their brand, and networked with their target audiences. 

In her conversation with Katie, Libie shares some of the challenges she and Daniel have faced so far: finding a material that’s comfortable and sustainable, educating their customers, navigating multiple customer cohorts, digging into customer psychology, building their retail roadmap, and more. Libie also offers advice for fellow early-stage entrepreneurs: know yourself, know your goals, and follow your gut. 

Other in-flight topics:

  • How Fulton was born
  • Innovating their own products
  • Finding the right materials for their insoles
  • Challenges of building a brand from the ground up
  • Educating your consumers
  • Being present where your customers are
  • ...and more!

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