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Building While Flying

Feb 18, 2021

As an entrepreneur, the world of social media marketing can seem incredibly overwhelming. When do you post? What do you say? How do you keep up with it without it conflicting with other business tasks? The key to effective social media marketing is authenticity, honesty and accountability.

Welcome to Building While Flying!

This weekly podcast is brought to you by Sasha Group. We’re the consultancy meets agency arm of the VaynerX family of companies. We help ambitious companies build strong brands that flex with the times through strategy, branding media and marketing.

In ever-changing times, businesses and brands have to shift and adapt. And across all sectors, there is an air of experimentation. Business owners are trying new things out in the wild;  building the plane while flying.

Our pilots, Katie Hankinson and Mickey Cloud, will be talking to a diverse range of business leaders and founders. They’ll explore how these guests tackle various challenges while staying resilient and committed to growth. Through these real-life examples of strategies put into practice, we hope to inspire you to experiment and develop your own strategies as we all navigate these uncertain times together. 

Jasmine Star told her story authentically on social media, and people paid attention.

More than a decade ago, Jasmine Star decided to quit law school and pursue a career as a photographer. She had no idea what she was doing, but she shared the entire process on her blog and eventually her social media. People paid attention. She wasn’t sure of her abilities as a photographer, but she grew more confident with her ability to effectively market herself online. Today, Jasmine empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to do the same.

Social Curator, founded by Jasmine, is a monthly subscription service that gives businesses photos and templates to use on their social media platforms. This innovative service specializes in amplifying business creativity, sparkling conversations through social media and captivating ideal clients.

In this episode, Jasmine tells Katie all about the unique career journey that led to Social Curator. Jasmine passionately explains that it's not necessarily about being the best at what you do, but instead, it’s about being honest about what you do. That vulnerability and openness can connect with potential clients and customers in a way that no corporate ad could ever touch. Jasmine has learned so much through her own social media. She loves sharing her knowledge with entrepreneurs who may be a bit timid about the social marketing landscape. If Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok feel like another planet to you, time to tune in!

Other in-flight topics:

  • Jasmine’s origin story
  • Her journey with photography
  • Why it doesn’t matter if you’re good at what you do or not
  • The 3 main pressure points of social media marketing
  • Managing business and marriage
  • The Taylor Swift quote you need to hear
  • Jasmine’s pre-flight checklist


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