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Building While Flying

Dec 2, 2021

Anita Laney currently serves as President and CEO of Professional Partnering Solutions, a full-service supplier diversity consulting and technology firm, where she and her team also developed DataLou, a supplier diversity SaaS product and business. VaynerX’s Chief Diversity Officer, Vanessa Vining, previously worked under Anita at a previous position. We were fortunate to hear from Anita at the VaynerX Diversity Summit on November 4. 

This value-packed episode begins with Anita’s career journey: from full-service travel agency, to supplier diversity in construction and utilities, to her first forays into advertising, to launching Professional Partnering Solutions and founding DataLou. She’s honest about the challenges of transitioning to a new industry, learning how to teach others about her roles and supplier diversity, and scaling a fast-growing company. Lastly, she looks toward the future and offers advice for solving supplier diversity for the next generations.

In-flight topics:

  • What is supplier diversity?
  • Career changes in a new industry
  • Challenges of scaling a fast-growing company
  • Keeping up with industry changes and trends
  • Anita’s “in-flight checklist”
  • ...and more!

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