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Building While Flying

Dec 9, 2021

Scott Rogerson is the CEO of UpContent, a SaaS content curation platform built to help its users power up their content strategy and save time in their operations. UpContent spun out of Rogerson’s former agency after it was created to solve internal problems. Now it helps hundreds of companies worldwide curate content, increase thought leadership, and build deeper trust with their customers. 

In this week’s episode of Building While Flying, Scott shares how UpContent was born, how it’s evolved over time to meet customers’ needs, and how he sees it continuing to grow in the future. At the heart of the conversation is the belief that content curation and creation can (and should) live together within a business’s strategy; as he says, it’s a “yes, and” situation, not “either or.” Scott also stresses the importance of knowing your customers and their needs, and how UpContent continues to deliver solutions for teams of all sizes around the world.

In-flight topics:

  • How UpContent was born
  • Content curation vs. content creation 
  • Choosing the right business model
  • How to use UpContent in your business
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic affected their growth and offerings
  • The importance of knowing your customers
  • ...and more!

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