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Building While Flying

Jan 28, 2021

Over the last couple of decades, digital media and personal technology like smartphones, has completely changed the way we do business. This is true for marketing, for selling and for customer communication. And it’s even more true for the healthcare sector. So how do you continuously adapt without missing a beat? Listening, learning and never being afraid to pivot could be the key.

Welcome to Building While Flying!

This weekly podcast is brought to you by the Sasha Group. We’re the consultancy meets agency arm of the VaynerX family of companies. We help ambitious companies build strong brands that flex with the times through strategy, branding media and marketing.

In ever-changing times, businesses and brands have to shift and adapt. And across all sectors, there is an air of experimentation. Business owners are trying new things out in the wild;  building the plane while flying.

Our pilots, Katie Hankinson and Mickey Cloud, will be talking to a diverse range of business leaders and founders. They’ll explore how these guests tackle various challenges while staying resilient and committed to growth. Through these real-life examples of strategies put into practice, we hope to inspire you to experiment and develop your own strategies as we all navigate these uncertain times together. 

Gary Bisbee has been learning and listening throughout his entire career.

Gary Bisbee, Ph.D., is the Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Think Medium. This innovative company provides personal insights to healthcare leaders. Gary’s vast career spans executive positions in healthcare organizations from Wall Street to academia. His passion for what he does is extremely evident and he prides himself on using his platform to inspire thoughtful leadership. Gary’s done a little bit of everything (including professional Opera singing!), and he is so amazing at articulating what he’s learned from each experience.

In this episode, Mickey asks Gary about lessons he’s learned about the healthcare industry during this incredibly volatile time. With steadiness and infinite wisdom, Gary imparts how crucial it is to listen and learn always. And he gives us plenty of examples and stories of how he’s done just that throughout his career, and throughout the pandemic. The healthcare sector may seem a bit foreign to us in other areas of business, but Gary’s insights remind us of the universal similarities. He is one cool cucumber, and it’s obvious from this conversation that we all can learn so much from each other. So take a minute to listen and learn with us.

Other in-flight topics:

  • A brief explanation of Think Medium
  • Gary’s super interesting backstory
  • Gary’s thoughts on the “building while flying” metaphor
  • Knowing when to hold em’ and when to fold em’
  • Is pivoting a bad thing?
  • Lessons of the healthcare world
  • The power of convenience
  • Data, data, data
  • Learning and listening
  • Why understanding how your customers learn is everything
  • Gary’s pre-flight checklist