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Building While Flying

Dec 22, 2020

The Sasha Group is the small to midsize business arm of the VaynerX family of companies. Through strategy, branding marketing, and media, we help ambitious companies build strong brands that flex with the times. 
Right now, those times are full of volatility and ambiguity. And businesses and brands are having to shift and adapt. Across all sectors, there is an air of experimentation: brands are trying new things, testing and learning, and “building the plane while flying.”
Building While Flying is a new, biweekly podcast from The Sasha Group that will tackle uncertain times by adopting an uncertainty mindset - we can’t predict the future, but we can listen, learn, apply and share as we all navigate complex times together. We’ll be speaking to a diverse range of business leaders and founders about how they tackle challenges, stay resilient and grow - with real life examples of how these strategies have been put into practice.