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Building While Flying

Jul 15, 2021

Earlier this year, Mickey and Gary joined Matt Hunckler for the Powderkeg Unvalley Conference. Powderkeg is a network of local communities with global reach for tech entrepreneurs, investors, and top talent. Unvalley is a two-day virtual event that explores the untapped potential beyond Silicon Valley. 

In this special bonus episode, we’re bringing their keynote session to our listeners, so you all can learn more about how The Sasha Group landed in Chattanooga, attracting talent in new cities, the value of community, and much more—directly from Mickey and Gary themselves.

In this special bonus episode, you’ll hear Mickey and Gary discuss:

  • How Mickey met Gary
  • Trusting your intuition
  • How VaynerMedia was recruited to come to Chattanooga 
  • Building a team for a new office hub while maintaining Vayner culture
  • The birth of The Sasha Group in 2019
  • Adapting business offerings to meet market needs 
  • Building the Vayner/Sasha brand in a new, mid-sized market
  • ...and a whole lot more. 

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