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Building While Flying

Apr 8, 2021

Being a female entrepreneur and business owner is no piece of cake—between breakdowns of all magnitudes, funding struggles, burnout, a pandemic, and anything else the universe throws their way. But with the right guidance, support, and a heavy dose of empathy, you can Build Like a Woman with intention and firepower. 

Welcome to Building While Flying! 

This weekly podcast is brought to you by the Sasha Group. We’re the small-to-medium-sized business arm of the VaynerX family of companies. We help ambitious companies build strong brands that flex with the times through strategy, branding media and marketing.

In ever-changing times, businesses and brands have to shift and adapt. And across all sectors, there is an air of experimentation. Business owners are trying new things out in the wild;  building the plane while flying.

Our pilots, Katie Hankinson and Mickey Cloud, will be talking to a diverse range of business leaders and founders. They’ll explore how these guests tackle various challenges while staying resilient and committed to growth. Through these real-life examples of strategies put into practice, we hope to inspire you to experiment and develop your own strategies as we all navigate these uncertain times together. 

Kathleen Griffith’s path to entrepreneurship was full of “happy accidents.”

She says herself in her conversation with Katie: “There’s a greater plan than the one you can devise for yourself.” Her hunger for entrepreneurship appeared in childhood. It eventually led to her founding Grayce & Co, an agency which helps Fortune 500 brands speak and market authentically to women, and Build Like a Woman, a global platform providing inspiration, tools and community for women to rise and thrive in all aspects of their businesses and lives.

In their conversation, Kathleen and Katie dive into the realities of entrepreneurship for women. They share some staggering statistics—like how two-thirds of women bootstrap their businesses—discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected women, how “Big B” and “little b” breakdowns impact your business, and the importance of empathy in your marketing approach. Kathleen also shares some signs of optimism and opportunity for women entrepreneurs coming out of the pandemic. This is just the beginning; we’ll be seeing a lot more if her predictions are on target!

If you’re feeling inspired after listening to this episode of Building While Flying, here are some ways you can support women-owned businesses:

  • Shop from women-owned businesses.
  • Tell your friends and family about your favorite women-owned businesses.
  • Follow them online to hear more of their perspectives. 
  • Share their content. 
  • Check on your business-owning friends. 
  • Ask how they’re doing and how you can support them.

Other in-flight topics:

  • How Kathleen started her businesses
  • Surprising stats about women-owned businesses
  • Challenges and opportunities for women entrepreneurs
  • How breakdowns lead to breakthroughs
  • 3 key patterns we can see in female consumers
  • The best advice for brands on marketing to women
  • The future of women-owned businesses post-pandemic