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Building While Flying

Jun 16, 2022

Edgar Carreon is the Founder and CEO of dree, a peer-to-peer laundry marketplace based in Salt Lake City, Utah. His family immigrated to the United States when he was young. He shares some of the challenges his family faced when moving to the U.S., and that his mother is a large reason and inspiration behind why he started dree. In this week’s episode of Building While Flying, Edgar joins Maribel Lara for a vulnerable, honest conversation about his journey as a founder and entrepreneur and what inspires him along the way.

In this episode, Edgar and Maribel discuss:

  • How dree was started
  • The purpose behind dree
  • How his mom inspires his business
  • Finding the right co-founder
  • The future of dree’s leadership
  • Why he chose Utah for his business
  • …and more!

Connect with Edgar: